Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • ? Can one start the internship at any given date?
    ! Yes, provided that your required documents are in our possession 2 months prior to your departure.
  • ? When should one apply?
    ! At least 2 months in advance, better 6 months in advance, in order to allow us to plan everything in time so we can fulfil all your special requirements.

  • ? Do I get the type and style of the internship that fits my field of study (e.g. tourism, medicine and so on)?
    ! Very high, because we have all fields of studies!
  • ? Will I be picked up from the airport?
    ! A shuttle service from and to the airport in Windhoek/Namibia is organized for you!
  • ? How do I travel to and from the home to the work place, do I have to organise this by myself?
    ! No, usually your home is close to your job.
  • ? Who is helping me in Namibia, if some unexpected problems (e.g. with my employer, work, health etc.) occur, is there a local contact partner?
    ! You can contact us in Namibia at any time and for whatever problem you have. Our representative in Namibia is available and familiar with the circumstances in Africa.
  • ? What kind of work is expected from me as an intern – for example - in a national park?
    ! Depending on your qualifications. Basically, in a national park one is expected to support and to take care of animals. One is also expected to guide tourists, this depends on the set up of the lodge and the demand!
  • ? Which jobs are there in the IT industry?
    ! There is an urgent demand for trainees, that can create web sites and general support of the IT system.
  • ? Are the Namibian People friendly towards the trainees?
    ! Finding ways is very easy in Namibia because one is received very kindly, warmly and openly everywhere. The people are open and behave friendly towards strangers and foreigners. People will help you in any case.
  • ? Do I require any language tests?
    ! We expect you to have sufficient knowledge of the languages being spoken in your host country.
  • ? When is application deadline?
    ! We don't have any deadlines. You can apply anytime. For further questions, you can contact us directly per email or per telephone: see the contact information provided.

    Don´t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.


P.O. Box 3563

Tel.: 00264 61 301061
Fax: 00264 61 301428
Mobil: 00264 81 1282093 


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