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Our Service offering:

Praktika Afrika arranges internships for everyone, who would like to work get to know the country and its people. This experience is an excellent preparation for the professional life because apart from all this other practical experiences are gained. Language knowledge, foreign experience, different lifestyles etc

We place trainees in enterprises of different industries and institutions with different tasks:

For example: We place trainees at:

  • Financial Service providers
  • Private businesses of all industries
  • School
  • Health facilities
  • Universities
  • Church Institutions
  • Administrations
  • Ministries (Government departments)
  • International organizations
  • and many more

With us you will find the suitable internship in Namibia irrespective if you are a student, trainee, high school graduate or simply just searching for working experiences.

Beside an internship we organise accommodation within a reasonable distance from your working place. You can choose to stay alone in a small apartment, a room or with a family. We look for the suitable accommodation according to your wishes.

Furthermore, we organise your visa as well as the work permit required.

You get also all necessary information about your health insurance protection and if necessary some tips on health-prevention.

Optionally, we also organise your flight to Namibia or help to search for the affordable flight.

Before your departure, there is still valuable information to your stay in Namibia: such as history, politics, economy and culture, rules on behavioural conducts and practices in Namibia. Information about health care system, interesting contact addresses (for example to church communities etc), and many information about your touristic experiences in the country(e.g. Safaris, Hiking-tours, national park, car hire, Lodges etc.)

Just to recap:

You send us an email to the following with the following information at:

  • Your name and address
  • Duration of the Internship
  • When the internship starts
  • Desired field of study or the internship
  • Resume (preferably in English)

We look for a suitable internship place in accordance with your qualification. We then give you an offer within 14 days. If the offer satisfies your wishes you are the bound to take up the internship and we also give a binding acceptance to the employer in Namibia and book the accommodation.

Then, you will get from us:

  • Application form of the work and residence permit for Namibia
  • Important tips and information on the lifestyles and behaviours in Namibia (for example german-speaking doctors and pharmacies) health precaution "travel tips, clothing etc,
  • Accommodation booking confirmations
  • The bill

Nach After receipt of the filled Application for the work and residence permit, we send these to the Ministry of home affairs in Windhoek/Namibia. You get the visa stamp in your passport upon arrival in Windhoek /Namibia. If you wish, we then book your flight. We also do offer packages of travel and health insurances.


P.O. Box 3563

Tel.: 00264 61 301061
Fax: 00264 61 301428
Mobil: 00264 81 1282093 


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